Public transportation

Do you support splitting up SFMTA? How would this look?

No, I do not. If anything, Bay Area transit agencies are already too fragmented. I’d like to see greater operational cohesion (and ideally institutional integration) across the various local transit agencies, including BART, MUNI, and Caltrain. From my seat in Congress, I hope to dramatically expand the federal funding pipeline and allow transit agencies to use federal funds for operations, as well as capital improvements.

Muni is losing 40 bus lines, how would you address the ensuing impacts to our transit system in your capacity?

A seat in Congress wouldn’t give me opportunities to address this, but if I did have a seat at the table, I’d be eager to ensure that all neighborhoods have access to timely service.

Should fare evasion remain a civil, and not a criminal, infraction?

Transit should be free. To whatever extent fares must be maintained, fair evasion should not be a criminal offense.

Do you support Free MUNI for all? How would you fund this if so?

Yes. A federal tax on fossil fuel consumption could help enable a new wave of investment in public transit.

Daily SF Muni rider


Support free access to public transit for seniors, disabled persons, economically disadvantaged, and underserved


Support plan for free transportation citywide


Should Mayor appoint all commissioners to SFMTA

No, should be independent.

Support Measure D (Uber/Lyft/TNC tax)