Housing and homelessness in the city

SB 50 (housing development)

I oppose S.B. 50. I prefer to see public housing and outright subsidies. SB 50 will increase the value of land, fuel speculation, and spark further displacement. It will invite an increase in the housing supply, but even to the extent it mandates some creation of affordable units, it will generally focus growth in luxury units that won’t alleviate the housing crisis.

I do appreciate the new affordability requirements added to SB 50 since its 2018 precursor, but they are inadequate for my support.

That said, it’s a proposed state policy proposal on which I won’t have a vote as a Member of Congress. The best thing we can do at the federal level is revive the budget to invest through HUD. In addition, federal incentives (grants leveraging the spending clause incentive power) could entice states to provide representation to renters facing eviction. This would be akin to federalizing Prop F.

Support split-roll reform of Proposition 13 (tax commercial and industrial properties at market)

I support split-roll reform. The proposal ultimately simply requires businesses to pay their fair share. They benefited from Prop 13, which hamstrung the state and was supposed to benefit homeowners (whose interests the split roll reform would preserve).

Support repeal of Costa-Hawkins (rent control)

I support the proposed repeal of Costa-Hawkins. Cities need to be able to set their own rent control policies. Even centrist sell outs should understand this, since it’s not even an ideological issue but rather one of localism.

Moreover, I would personally favor an expansion of vacancy control, reflecting the fact that so-called "market rate" housing in SF reflects a rent-seeking dynamic quintessentially reflecting the divergence under capitalism of the price & demand equation from the generation of underlying value

Support creation of independent commission to oversee Department of Homelessless and Supportive Services


Support repeal of Ellis Act (landlords can evict renters to "exit the business")


Support increased enforcement of short term rentals (e.g. Airbnb)


Support sweeps of homeless encampments by DPW


Support vacancy tax on empty commercial properties


Support licensing system for landlords in SF