Sanctuary City status and ICE enforcement

Defending the authority of local governments to maintain control of their own resources and set policy independent of the federal gov is critical to respecting the constitutional design and federalism. I have actively fought for the rights of sanctuary cities to resist co-optation by federal immigration enforcement efforts since roughly 2011, when my work at the Bill of Rights Defense Committee stood at the forefront of the movement challenging the previously secret connection between S-COMM and NGI.

In 2008, I advised the coalition that fought the SFPD’s collaboration with FBI JTTFs, and pioneered a bolder strategy to intersectionally challenge the co-optation of local police by federal immigration or counter-terrorism (or drug interdiction) agencies.

In Congress, I will investigate ICE and the agency’s serial abuses of human rights until it is closed and its responsibilities transferred elsewhere. Abolishing ICE will be less challenging administratively than many suggest since the agency was created only 15 years ago and its functions could easily be transferred to another agency such as CBP.

I will also challenge budget appropriations for enforcement mechanisms, including not only ICE and the proposed medieval border wall but also the authoritarian interior surveillance net supported by establishment Democrats including Speaker Pelosi.