Prison and bail

Eliminate cash bail? Approve 2018 bail reform? Support 2020 ballot referendum?

Yes, we support ending cash bail. And yes, we supported SB 10.

FInally, we support the 2020 referendum, while we would have preferred for SB10’s provisions to have taken effect without requiring a 2020 ballot measure.

Are you a prison abolitionist? Inmate suffrage? Other reforms?

Yes, I identify as a prison abolitionist and believe that all citizens, including those who are incarcerated, should be allowed to vote. Restoring the right to vote for currently incarcerated people would help redraw the electoral map and alter the national viability of the GOP. I also support a number of reforms within prisons, including ending the corporate profit from cost prohibitive phone calls from within prisons and ensuring access to healthy food within prisons. We must challenge the continued slave labor system allowed within prisons, and allow incarcerated people to be fully compensated for their work. More so, we must end private prisons, dramatically increase support for re-entry programs, and institute processes for restorative and transformative justice.

I also believe that in order to get in front of the prison industrial complex, it is to hold the CIA accountable, end the drug war, offer reparations to heal communities (by investing in local institutions identified through participatory budgeting processes) and create opportunities.