Green New Deal

The Green New Deal is at the center of our platform. [1] We need to both preserve Earth for future generations, and address the economic crisis created by depending on fossil fuel companies for jobs. The Green New Deal does both.

At both the regional and national level, the new systems for environmental, economic, racial, social, economic and gender justice we propose will radically shift the way our country extracts, uses, and shares the Earth’s natural resources. To make it happen, we’ll (1) cut greenhouse gas emissions, (2)  transition to fully renewable, non-polluting, and accessible energy and food systems, and (3) ensure that this transition supports good jobs and worker rights. [2][3][4]

Along the way, we’ll make sane infrastructure investments like high speed rail networks, while phasing out Earth-endangering ones like air traffic.[5] And, to cut the impact of large-scale food production, we’ll restrict methane emissions from animal factory farming, while incentivizing the promotion of organic, plant-based diets.[6]

We’ll also support federal bills to ban neurotoxic chemicals like chlorpyrifos, bee-killing pesticides like neonicotinoids, and carcinogenic pesticides like glyphosate (found in RoundUp). [7][8][9]

We'll enforce antitrust laws to prevent further corporate consolidation of the food system.[10]

We'll fight for livable wage and labor rights campaigns to protect farmworkers.[11]


With federal subsidies, we can jump-start a host of high-tech green industries, like large-scale electricity storage. And labor-intensive industries can also provide plenty of green jobs: cultivating and processing cannabis, clearing wildfire-prone forests, and creating sustainable wastewater systems. 

Most importantly, we’ll do it all in a way that gives every displaced worker a chance to participate in the emerging green economy.

In Congress, the oversight process will be the key to success. Reps. Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar have used it well, and I intend to do the same.

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