Immigrant rights

I advocated as early as 2010 for the rights and authorities of sanctuary cities to dissent from federal immigration enforcement mandates. Since 2008, I’ve publicly supported local withdrawals from the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Forces, as well as local rejections of enforcement powers invited by 287(g) and the Secure Communities Initiative (S-COMM). I was an early advocate challenging S-COMM, and warned of the significance of then-recent findings about the program’s broader contours: the FBI’s Next Generation Initiative, which includes biometric data about hundreds of millions of Americans, collected from sources as seemingly innocuous as state DMVs.

My work on the boards of Defending Rights and Dissent (and until recently, also Media Justice) also advanced immigrant rights. By participating in the governance and fundraising supporting non-profits, I’ve helped promote local autonomy from federal mandates, and defend the right to dissent from state suppression, surveillance, and violence.