Fighting fascism and white nationalism

My existence is resistance: My campaign also intrinsically challenges racism and white supremacy by seeking to wrest power away from white officeholders, and replace the leader among the corporate Democrats in the House, in particular, with an immigrant replacement from a particularly disfavored national origin. My service as a spokesperson to our intersectional movements for justice necessarily challenges the narratives underlying white nationalism.

Expanding human rights in a time of conservative domination: My work representing Mayor Jason West from New Paltz, NY starting in 2004 helped catapult the movement for marriage equality from a local story isolated to San Francisco into a national debate. While we lost that case as we expected to, it paved the way to organizing opportunities, a legislative victory in New York State five years after our case was decided, and a federal victory in the U.S. Supreme Court in 2015. Having spearheaded LGBTQ rights as a young cis, hertero, Muslim lawyer, Iā€™m eager to continue fighting the right wing.